Our team

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What is our goal in the long run?

We are recovered alcoholics, and addicts. We have experienced the miracle you are waiting for, and trust us... it is "beyond what you can conceive". Life does not stop the moment you stop using drugs or alcohol; in fact, at that moment, it has only just begun. We have thrived together as a family for the past few decades, struggling WITH each other through our addictions and maintaining our recovery together.
You can do this... but not alone. At Recovery In Action, we live by the code, "We give it away to keep it." It is our purest belief that when we help others we are helping ourselves as well. We WANT to help you, through our experience strength and hope we will show you how to thrive in a life of sobriety. We will show you the path that we have walked. We will walk, hand in hand, TOGETHER as recovering addicts.

"Don't quit five minutes before the miracle happens"

Angel <span>Laprise-Tyus</span>

Angel Laprise-Tyus

Lead manager- 21 years Alanon
Micheline <span>Shepard</span>

Micheline Shepard

Program Director - 26 years sober
Giovanni <span>Maione</span>

Giovanni Maione

RIA Advocate/ Representative - 7 years sober
Curtis <span>Ludwick</span>

Curtis Ludwick

Men's Coordinator - 23 Years sober
Debbie<span> Frey</span>

Debbie Frey

In-patient Manager - 32 years sober
Lisa<span> Mastropieri</span>

Lisa Mastropieri

Administrator - 30 years sober
Chants <span>James</span>

Chants James

Transportation Coordinator - 24 years sober
EJ <span>Barker</span>

EJ Barker

AOD Counselor - RADT #R1255760617 - 29 Years Sober
Patrizia <span>Ahlers</span>

Patrizia Ahlers

Clinical Director LMFT #88809 - 44 years sobriety
Shelly <span>Green</span>

Shelly Green

Stephanie <span>Questo</span>

Stephanie Questo

RADT 1 #R1298970318